Where are we now – October 2014?

Hello friends of Aiden,

It’s been awhile and we have not updated the website. Apologies for those that are following us. We will be more attentive.

The following should catch all up to date –

June 2014 – Kickstarter project “Give Aiden A Hand” was started and ran for 30 days. We did not reach our goal but we did have several people reach out that has led to other positive contacts. Keep reading.

July 2014 – Contacted by David Fuller who saw out kickstarter project. He placed us in contact with a doctor and researcher(s) that are working on similar projects. They in turn have placed us in contact with the doctor who discovered the Ubiquitin System. This area will be updated with more shortly concerning our conversation with the doctor.

August 2014 – Aiden has very little use of his hands. His legs will twitch and move involuntarily as he attempts to find a comfortable position. His speech is being affected more and more. The little guy is a trooper and continues to find joy in each day.

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